Mission statement


Academic knowledge is an essential part of contemporary society and university-wide and faculty-based history of knowledge courses can clearly demonstrate the interaction between academic disciplines and of academia with society. The Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities, a university-wide VU Centre, offers university-wide courses in the history of academic knowledge, as a contribution to the balanced education of VU students. Members of the Stevin Centre are also involved in faculty-based teaching.


The research theme of the Stevin Centre, to which the research of most of the participants is connected, focuses on ‘Knowledge Practices and Normativity within their Historical Context’. The concept of science is problematized, and the role of philosophical, normative, religious and legal aspects is central in the historical analysis.


The Stevin Centre aims at making its results available to the wider community. To achieve this it organizes activities for the VU community and special activities for particular groups.

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