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Stevin seminar #27

Date: Wednesday January 17, 2018

Time: 15:45-17:15 hr.

Place: VU Main Building HG 5A 37


Afterwards drinks in the Basket


The Odd Couple: Hans and Susan Freudenthal


Danny Beckers, historian of science at the Vrije Universiteit











Stevin seminar #26

Room: VU HG 12A-24

Date: Tuesday November 21st 2017

Time: 15:30-17:15 hr.


Knowledge collection in the manuscripts of Fray Juan Ricci de Guevara


Ellen Prokop

Martijn van Beek



















seminar #25

Room: VU HG 12A-24

Date: Thursday 2 November 2017

Time: 15:30-17:15 hr.

Emoties in Religie en Wetenschap


Peter-Ben Smit

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

Erika Kuijpers


























































































































Seminar #28


Date: Thrusday March 22 2018

Time: 15:45-17:15 hr.

Place: VU Main Building HG-09A16


Afterwards drinks in the Basket.


"Science the Unifier": Scientific Universalism and international Politics, 1899-1945


Geert Somsen, Historian of science at the University of Maastricht

Seminar #30


Date: Thursday April 26 2018

Time: 14:00 - 17:00 hr.

Place: Agorazaal 1

(VU Main Building, third floor)


Reception afterwards


Farewell Symposium Ida Stamhuis:

‘Genes, Gender, Journals and Statistical Justification’




All speakers at the symposium are historians who have worked closely with Ida on one of several projects or activities, ranging from gender in science, early genetics and the history of statistics to the Journal Centaurus and the Stevin Centre. They include Marscha Richmond (Wayne State University), Paul Klep (Radboud University), Raf de Bond (Maastricht University) and Karel Davids (Vrije Universiteit). As fina speaker Ida will give her farewell lecture: 'Genes, Gender, Journals and Statistical Justification'


For questions you can contact Frans van Lunteren:




14:00 Raf de Bont (Maastricht University)

“A Whole Multitude of Sins": On Decolonization, Technocracy and Wildlife Cropping, 1955-1965

14:30 Paul Klep (Radboud University):

Ida Stamhuis & the Dutch Statistical Mind

15:00 Karel Davids (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Ida and Simon. How the twain met


15:30 tea & coffee break


16:00 Marsha Richmond (Wayne State University)

The Joys of Academic Collaboration

16:30 Ida Stamhuis (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Genes, Gender, Journals and Statistical Justification


After the lecture, there will be a reception on the Agora-floor.

Seminar #29


Date: Friday April 20, 2018

Time: 11:00 - 17:00 hr.

Place: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Main Building, Room HG-04A33




The Life of Plants / Het leven van de planten / La vie des plantes

About the author of La vie des Plantes:

Emanuele Coccia was a Fellow at the italian Academy for Advanced Studies in New York (Columbia University) and has worked for toher prestigious institutions as well (e.g., in Germany, at the Max Planck Institute and the University of Freiburg). He has published many works on normativity, aesthetics and metaphysics. His other recent publications include La vie sensible (Paris 2010, translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Rumanian; English translation in press) and Le bien dans les choses (Paris 2013, translated into Italian, Spanish, English and German). With Griorgio Agamben as co-editor, he published an anthology on angels in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic contexts: Angeli. Ebraismo Cristianesimo Islam (Milan 2009, With contributions by O.L. Lizzini, S. PAgani, M. Zonta).


About the speakers:

Marije Martijn is C.J. de Vogel Professor of Ancient and Patristic Philosophy. She works mainly on Neoplatonic philosophy, especially on theories of knowledge, nature and mathematics.


Ype de Boer works on contemporary philosophy, historicity and the relations between philosophy and literature. His PhD research deals with Giorgio Agamben's methodology and his conception of subjectivity.


Cor Zonneveld is senior lecturer at the Amsterdam University College. He has a PhD in theoretical biology. Since 2005 he has been focussing on teaching biology at the Bachelor and Master levels.


P J Roggeband is a multifaceted artist who is active in the Amsterdam artistic scene. He will be presenting his project about plants and gardens: Uitlaattuin (Walking Garden), Uithuiltuin (Crying Garden), Krokeltuin (Winding Garden).


Olga L. Lizzini is Assistant Professor of Medieval Philosophy (Arabic and Latin). Her research focuses on Medieval Neoplatonism and Arabic philosohpy and particularly on Avicenna.







Datumreservering feestelijk afscheid Karel Davids

Op vrijdag 26 oktober 2018 houdt Karel Davids zijn afscheidsrede als gewoon hoogleraar Economische en Sociale Geschiedenis in de Aula van de Vrije Universiteit, aanvang 15.45 u. Daaraan voorafgaand zal een bijzonder symposium te zijner ere plaatsvinden, aanvang 13.00 u. Hierover volgt nog nadere informatie.